Graffiti Inspired Abstract Art Surrey

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About The Artist

Heavily inspired by graffiti art as a form of expression, Lucian Fraser Art is abstract, visionary and often psychedelic.

Taking inspiration from his roots in the modern graffiti art scene and using honed techniques and art skills, Lucian Fraser has created a unique style for his pen and pencil illustrations and oils on canvas.

Lucian Fraser art often features flowers, plants and geometrical patterns in fine, detailed style.

Commisioned Artwork

Pieces can be commissioned and the artwork can be delivered throughout the UK and even worldwide.

Please enjoy browsing the gallery page for more examples of Lucian Fraser illustrations and canvas work.

Every piece of artwork is distinct and original. Please get in touch if you are interested in buying a painting or illustration. Prices vary so please call to discuss any art you might be interested in.

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